Slicer web service now online!

I've been working on a project for a few weeks now and I think I'm ready to make it public. I have created a web slicer service based on slic3r.

Slicer Service HERE

It's considered beta right now. But the idea is to not have to have slic3r installed locally on oyur system, worrying about installed dependancies and so forth. It should work with all OS's and browsers You can upload an .stl and use the same options as you would in Slic3r and output gcode. I am asking $2.99/mo (USD) via paypal for this service after 30 days only to maintain the servers, development, and hosting. I am providing the first 30 days free of charge. You can upload and process as many models as you want. I'll have to keep an eye on the server loads if this gets popular and if there are enough paying customers I will be able to increase capacity.

Try it out. Email me ( ) with any issues, bugs, or requests. I am currently running 0.9.11-dev on the backend.

I'll keep slic3r up to date with stable versions. This will be handy for those who have newer machine with PERL version later than 5.14 where slic3r barfs.

Thanks, and keep on maiking!!