Getting started with CFengine


Needing to manage a large number of machines can be a daunting task for any sys admin, unless you have a lot of sys admins. While it's generally easier to manage large number of Linux and UNIX hosts there can be a great advantage to use a centralized management system . I will cover CFengine. Cfengine is the original central management system written by Mark Burgess in 1993. I will cover the newest generation of CFengine: Version 3.

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Pro Tip #6: Using an external editor in Firefox


Do you ever view a web page's source code? Maybe you do web development, looking for coding examples, or you are just curious? I frequently do all of those so I use Firefox to view the code of a web page. But I find the default viewer to be very plain and lacking of nice features that I enjoy in other text editors on my system.

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CCR: A basic web-based change control application


Change Control Request Manager is an on-line system for managing change requests for businesses. It can be customized to fit the needs of a particular business.

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