Garlic Crusher


Just printed my newest design: A garlic crusher inspired by my pseudo mother-in-law in Australia. Going to test it, and put it through its paces before tossing it up on the store.


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Animated motorcycle turn signals


I like tweaking my motorcycles. I've designed up a set of animated LED turn signals. This version uses descrete TTL logic components and a 555 timer. Perhaps a leter version will use an atmega micro controller so that I can program patterns, but for now....

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Review of World Makerfaire 2012 NYC


What is Makerfaire?

It is not a tradeshow. Makerfaire is a gathering of smart and talented groups and individuals who share their love for making things. And there is nearly no limit as to what ideas or projects on display. There is no age limit or restriction and kids of all ages are encouraged to interact with everything they can. If you ever go to shows and see, "DO NOT TOUCH" you did not see that here. Touching, inspecting and learning is very much warranted.

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