Creating Basic Aluminum Roundstock from Garbage


It's handy to have some raw materials to throw at the Lathe and Milling machines for quick parts and projects. I needed some basic aluminum round stock for turning small parts and I had a collection of soda cans and small garbage bits that were perfect for the job...

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Easy script for creating bonded interfaces in RedHat


I had to create a bond1 on the machine I built once the build process was done. If you ever run into that situation, here is a quick script to make it easier. Look it over. It's crude, but works for now. I may put some string validation in later.


Usage: mkbond bond# slave1 slave2 ipaddress mask [ gateway ]

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Automating ssh logins (without keys) with 'expect'


You need to automate a task across many machines. You know the user name and password, but for some reason, either by policy or otherwise, you are not allowed to use PKI, or Public Key Infrastructure.

Well, not to give up hope just yet, because there is a nice little tool that is extremely powerful, yet not widely utilised. it's called 'expect'.

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