DS Scheduler


A centralized scheduling system for UNIX/Linux. Features: Can be used as a drop-in replacement for cron. Can execute jobs based on event triggers. Secure communications between master servers and clients. Clusterable: Master can automatically fail over so any number of secondary masters. Ajax web interface for better monitoring and execution feedback. Graphing/Reporting: Visualize the running duration and timing of your jobs. DS Scheduler is released under the GPLv2.

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Creating an aluminium chess set from scratch


This blog will document my project, creating a machined aluminium chess set from scratch. These pages will be updated as the project progresses so check back periodically. All designs are my own and the materials used were mainly scrap (soda cans, hard drives, etc)

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Charging your car's battery with an old computer power supply


What would you do if your car's battery is dead and you don't have anybody around to give you a jump? Need to have it working in time for the morning commute? This is what I did when I was in this situation. This is a quick tutorial on how to charge you car's battery using a power supply from a PC.

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