Portal Fridge Magnets

"Speedy thing goes in... Speedy thing comes out."  -GlaDOS

This is a set of refrigerator magnets featuring the popular online game Portal.

Pro Tip #4: "Screwing" with frustration.


If you have ever struggled with reassembling something to find that not every bolt fits, or some bolts and screws are harder to turn than others; Take the following advice from the Solar1.net Pro-tip shop:

Do not tighten any bolts or screws with a tool before all of them are in place and have been tightened by hand. You parts will fit together better and save you from having to undo your work to get that last bolt in.


--Solar1 is all about "Fun and helpful things" so these tips encompass a wide variety of topics.

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Pro Tip #3: Drill Accurate Holes


When drilling holes in metal or using screws in wood, It's always a good idea to drill pilot holes first.

Counter punch your metal stock before drilling your pilot holes using a center punch. This will prevent your drill bits from wandering off of their mark and will ensure accurate holes. Solar1 recommends this spring loaded center punch. It can be found at most hardware stores and home centers.

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