at Makerfaire NYC 2013

It was that time of year again. This time I had a booth in the hackerspace area showing off some of my prize machines. The booth contained the Steel Bug 3D Printer, some sample prints, the quadcopter, the horseman, and the fully functioning CNC Plasma table. 

Turnout was great. I met a lot of really great people and hopefully drummed up some business interest. Everyone loved watching the plasma table in operation. The initial pierce of metal threw out a few sparks that always surprised onlookers. That was my favorite part. received two awards: MAKE: Magazine Editor's choice and Educator's choice.

Here are some other quick highlights of the show that I had the chance to see:

Ever wanted to learn how to solder circuit boards? There were free classes to teach just that very thing!
This maker make several musical instruments from everyday items. I think he was "strumming" a tune on a modifies golf club. It sounded quite strange. 


This was a CNC wirebender. Just draw any shape on the computer and this machine will recreate that shape with bending wire

This project was most impressive. This photo didn't do it justice. The concept was this; 4 strips of RGB(red, green, and blue) LEDs were arranged in a spherical shape. This sphere then spun at high speed and was controlled via a computer. It then was able to show various moving pictures like a globe, other animations. Once the sun went down it was quite a show.

The hacker space area.

This was a restored military organ. The detail and craftmanship was impressive.
These guys were making music with various vintage electronics. Anyone old enough to remember a Speak-n-Spell remembers the sounds it made. Ever hear one sing? You did if you visited this booth.

We all want a suit made from metrocards (cards used to ride New york city busses and subways).

Here was a small5 axis CNC mill.  I may just have to build one of these.


Life Size Mousetrap: