Model Engines

Solar1 is expanding the shop and retooling to make beautiful replica engines. These will not only be functioning engines, but also something that would look good on display. We will also be developing our own unique designs.  All machines and parts are hand made, meaning very little CNC work here. There is some recycling done in the process as well. Some parts may be recast from scrap and re-machined.

Here are some examples of the engines that we will be building:

The Atkinson-Cycle Engine:

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

And the Essex Hot air engine:

Photo courtesy



To make this a reality, a lot of work needs to be done to the shop workspace. It's time to refresh and bring the shop up to date and bring in some help to run the business side.

The goal is to supplement the existing shop as well as update some of the dated equipment:

  • The current lathes are too small. We'll have to get one that can handle larger flywheels and parts.
  • The vertical milling machine we have was made in 1942 and is quite worn out. We'll need an up to date milling machine with tighter tolerances as well as compatible tooling and accessories.
  • A large ring roller is needed to make flywheels.
  • Higher capacity bandsaws. We currently have a cheap 4" horizontal bandsaw. It is not very good at cutting, well... anything, really.
  • Master patterns, and casts will have to be made for each design.

If the funding goal is reached, the shop should have everything it needs to start producing. Every little bit helps and if the funding comes up short, it would be unfortunate, and delay getting set up, but we would like the project to still move forward. 

For the next 50 days there is an indiegogo funding campaign