The Open Metal Detector Project

OMD Project

This is a project started to make a metal detector. I'm using arduino and electronic components from this page:

I have designed the 3D printable parts. I'm hoping this will gain contributors and ideas so that this project can rival the expensive commercial metal detectors. As of this writing there is a long way to go.


The electronics are quite simple right now. Is uses a simple oscillator outlined here:


Arduino Source code:

The circuit itself is very unstable. I had a hard time keeping the frequency stable enough away from metal to get a reading on anything. I wasn't sure if noise from the Arduino was causing the frequency to shift. If I did manage to get it stable is does pick up metal signals easily.

The next version should use a BFO (Beat Freq. Oscillator) or a VLF to become more accurate.

Search coil

Print the base search coil and the pivot. The male part of the pivot should epoxy into the inside diameter of a 3/4 inch PVC pipe. The windings are 30 turns of 22 AWG wire.


I bent the handle end of the PVC with a torch for better comfort.


i have made a bfo shield board for arduino
the sensicity of the whole detector isn´t that would you should expect from a modern metal detector
every 5€ wall detector from supermarket works better
if you want to make a better desgin i think you should concectrate your work to a vlf unti but not more than 7Khz tx coil frequency (seperated tx and rx coil)
kind regards from germany and keep us informed

By bernte_one (not verified)

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