3D Printed Products

Items that have been crafted at Solar1.net and are available to the public. Items are being added almost daily.


Shipping is flat rate of $3.00 within the U.S.

Finger Plate

You are at a dinner party that serves little finger food. You do not
want both hands full so here is a little plate to wear on your finger to
hold the food keeping your other hand free.

Rotary Tool Router Attachment

It is angles at 90 degrees. It is just like the commercial attachments at a fraction of the price.

Screw this puppy onto your rotary tool, adjust your bit depth, and route away to your hearts content. This devices keeps your tool vertical and constant allowing more control while routing and engraving.
Made with 3D printing technology.  This product will be created on the spot, just for you. It's made from biodegradable plastic made from plants, so it will not live in a landfill forever.


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