3D Printed Products

Items that have been crafted at Solar1.net and are available to the public. Items are being added almost daily.


Shipping is flat rate of $3.00 within the U.S.

Shaver/Disposable razor Holder

Holds your shaver or disposable razor upright and out of the way. Handy for those who shave in the shower.

Available with a suction cup or adhesive tape.

Portal Fridge Magnets

"Speedy thing goes in... Speedy thing comes out."  -GlaDOS

This is a set of refrigerator magnets featuring the popular online game Portal.

AA to C Battery Adapter

Those pesky C batteries!! Never have one when you need one? This adapter will allow you to use ordinary AA batteries where you require C batteries. 100% safe. Available in several colors.


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