3D Printed Products

Items that have been crafted at Solar1.net and are available to the public. Items are being added almost daily.


Shipping is flat rate of $3.00 within the U.S.

"Bat" Clothes pegs

Fan of bats? These will hold your laundry and are not nocturnal. 

Comes in a set of ten.

Magnetic Headlamp For Bicycle.

Here is a one for bicycle enthusiasts: A Magnetic headlamp. This clips on to your handlebars and comes with a small, yet one of the brightest handheld torch lights I've come across.


The light is a focusable LED spotlight and uses 4 AAA batteries.


The base of the light uses rare-earth magnets and can be removed while your bike is parked. Because there are both magnets in the base and the backend of the light, This can double at a worklight in the garage, shop, or around the house.


Night-glo Switch plate.

This replacement switch plate emits a glow at night. Makes finding your light switch a little bit easier in the dark. Can be made in various shapes.


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