2013 Danbury Mini Makerfaire

Danbury Makerfaire was a lot of fun. I'd like to give thanks to my friends over at Danbury Hackerspace, CT Hackerspace, and those individuals who helped me load and unload and also set up the booths. Along with the solar1.net booth here are some of the highlights of the show:


A human-sized 3D scanner, designed by Fred Kahl could scan your entire person, which you can then later print your own action figures. The great Fredini from Coney Island Scan-A-Rama scanned people in 3D (ever wanted a computer 3D version of yourself?)

Photo: Tyler Sizemore | Buy This Photo

The Solar1.net booth was next in line. I showed off various metalworing projects including the Chess set, The QuadCopter, one of my 3D printers and various unique prints, and the Plasma cutting table simulating the Headless Horseman cutout.


Ever play the video game Guitar Hero? What if star power actually shot flames? Well you are in luck here as these guys made it possible. By connecting their computers us to an assortment of relay and coils, The game triggered lights and flamethrowers in sync with the game itself.


Other highlights included:

The Danbury Hackerspace showed off a new Replicator 2 3D printer, the banana piano, Arudino projects, and more as well as demonstration by CT Hackerspace, Nesit, and the Fairfield County Maker’s Guild.

There were robotics from Akom Robotics Foundation and Robotics and Beyond.  Arsonic Creations demonstrated the Hexayurt, the Cloud42tipi, the birdoir bird house, and  showed how Rock Inferno works.

Three Form Fashion showed off 3D-printed jewelry, and 3DMonstr demoed their 3D printer products.

Robotics and Beyond and the Akoma Foundation did robotics demos and talked about their programs.

The Brookfield Craft Center and Wisnowski Designs will be doing live woodworking demonstrations.

Home Depot had projects for kids to build, and Guitar Center had fun music activities for children. Professor Gurkewitz from WCSU, author of 4 Origami books that have sold 100,000+ copies, was teaching origami. Garden Fresh Baby will be showed how to make your own baby food.

Naugatuck Valley Community Technical College will be showing technical projects talking about the training programs they offer, and Sacred Heart University experts will be answering social media questions and talking about the new program.

Two blacksmiths were present this year: Steven Lang, who makes knives and swords, and Chris from Semiosis Forge who will demonstrated metalworking skills. Glasscraft make recycled glass art, and Susan Margolis (Danbury teacher) was a jewelry maker.

Paradox Ink will be screen-printing t-shirts live at the Maker Faire, and LED Art had fantastic light creations.

The Danbury Area Computer Society will be demonstrating Windows 8, discussing computer viruses, and answering computer questions.

The Danbury Public Libary will be showing off their collection of electronics, crafts and other “maker” books, plus talking about the new ebook lending program.

Maker Tim Smith explained how biodiesel is made and talked about his various projects.

There were a few live bands which included: Back Door Boys (punk rock),  Charm City Exiles (Americana & country-flavored rock music), and Burnkit 2600 (circuit-bending electronic music). All of the bands are interesting because at least one instrument was built by the musician, or in the case of Burnkit — hacked!



In conclusion it was a fun and busy day. This event is helping  the Danbury HakerSpace gear up for opening day and getting people exited, especially the kids, to come in and jumpstart their creativity and expand their learning for making and creating again.






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