Beyond Monitoring

Download Watchman 0.1 Here

Welcome to the main page for Watchman. This project is just lifting off so expect this page and the Watchman software to evolve rapidly. I also will provide SVN Access soon and this code may change... within hours sometimes.


I have been a user/admin of Nagios for years. Recently I have become a bit frustrated with Nagios. The out-of-date web interface, the structure of the configuration file, and others. I started Watchman to bring system and application monitoring into the 21st Century. The goal was not to just have a drop in replacement for Nagios, but to have a system that can provide monitoring, self-heal the environment if possible and provide users and admins a higher level of control with their systems.

I have released this project as GPL Open Source. Having said that, There are a few thisgs you should take in if you decide to use/extend/change/fix :: I am not the best coder. You may look at the source and wonder, "WTF was this guy thinking??". I expect that. I am always looking to hone my skills and this project has tested that. I openly welcome suggestions, patches, fixes, artwork, etc. I will give credit where credit is due. Just abide by the conditions of the GPL.

I had a few criteria to start with:

Future plans: